Overhead Crane Operator

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OCO 101 | *1.8 CEUs

This 2-day training program covers the role and the responsibilities of the overhead crane operator. This seminar will get down to the basics of safe craning, covering various important topics such as proper machine set up, below the hook crane attachments, and the importance of knowing the quadrant of operation, side loading and shock loading, all of which play a critical part in executing a safe lift.

You will learn about: 
  • Inspection Documentation/Record Keeping Requirements
  • Frequent & Periodic Inspection Requirements
  • Nomenclature & Selection of Equipment
  • Operational limitations of Equipment
  •  Required Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Wire Rope Maintenance
  • Accident Causes and Preventions
  • ASME B30.2 Hand Signals
  • Proper Communication Between Work Crew
  • Determining Eff ective Sling Loads & Stresses, Center of Gravity & Establishing Load Weights
  • Shutdown



Hands-On Training

This class offers hands-on Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator Training as an integral part of the program. *Desktop Simulator for programs taking place other than Orlando or Houston Training Facilities.







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Overhead Crane Operator

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November 20, 2017 November 21, 2017 Houston, TX Sign Up Now
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