"I found the Overhead Crane Train The Trainer course and trainer to be outstanding! The information covered was very informative and useful. The trainer explained everything very well and made sure we understood before moving on. It was a wonderful experience!"

Rachel Eigen - Safety Engineer
Course Attendee

The Overhead Crane Train the Trainer class was very informative.  It actually contain a lot more information that I had suspected it would.  Rick was an excellent instructor and really seemed to know what he was talking about. I actually felt like I was in a sociology class for the first two days with all the different learning tools and personal traits that were discussed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a trainer.

Jeffery Edgell
Course Attendee

"The Overhead Crane Train the Trainer Course was very thorough. The instructor was very knowledgeable and up to date on the current OSHA Standards.  The training techniques I learned will help me to properly train new employees of all experience levels. Now that I am familiar with the OSHA standards on Overhead Cranes I can make sure our facility is safe and compliant." 

Blake Collins
Course Attendee

"First, I would like to thank the staff at NACB's Training Center in Pasadena, TX. I attended the Mobile Crane Train the Trainer course an the instructor was excellent! I added more knowledge to my work as a trainer and operator."

Oscar Trigo
Course Attendee

"Our crane operator couldn’t say enough good things about the instructor and how he really worked to bring it down to everyone’s level to ensure everyone understood what he was trying to teach.  He said some courses he’s taken have not been that way, but this one was definitely designed to get the students to succeed.  The instructor encouraged a lot of questions and had said they would have a new respect for the equipment in the end, and our crane operator  agreed wholeheartedly." 

Barbara J. Travis
Training Specialist

"I think the Overhead Crane Inspector Training class was great!  I can definitely see myself coming back for a refresher down the road. Being the new guy in the field it was good to team up with all the experience in the room.  Situations discussed in the class, I faced on my first day back at work. Frank is certainly good at what he does, I truly appreciate his patience and willingness to work with everyone."

Eddie Lawton
Course Attendee

"I am glad to say that I felt the class was exceptional. Before the course in March I had attended a similar training through another agency, and the NACB program was far superior as far as materials, valuable information, and last but not least, professionalism and character of the instructor. I would recommend any course offered through NACB to anyone. Keep up the great work!"

Tully Mattison
Site Safety Coordinator

"Sam did a great job as the instructor. The class was very good. I have enjoyed all of the instructors that I have had over the years with NACB. They have always been helpful and personal with training. Thanks for getting me in the class."

Dean Mullins
Power Plant Maintenance Advisor

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