Tower Crane Operator/Inspector

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TCO/I 101 | 3.0 CEUs
Tower Cranes can be the largest and most complex pieces of equipment at the job site. They may reach hundreds of feet above the surface. Tower cranes may adjust their operating radius utilizing a luffi ng boom that varies boom angle or by a trolley traversing a horizontal boom. These cranes may be permanently mounted or mounted on a traveling base. These cranes may be designed to allow the crane to climb in the structure or by allowing the height of the crane to increase as the structure rises utilizing braces as required. For shorter erection heights and short term applications, a self- propelled, self-erecting crane may be utilized. Because of the complexity of these cranes, it is important that operators and inspectors have the skills and knowledge to perform their assigned task. Having your personnel properly trained and tested is the key to safe and effi cient job performance.
Types of Equipment Covered:
  • Hammerhead Tower Cranes
  • Luffing Boom Tower Cranes
  • Self-Erecting Tower Cranes


Topics covered during the Tower Crane Operator/Inspector Training:

  • Nomenclature and Types of Tower Cranes
  • Review of Tower Crane Accident causation
  • Components
  • Factors Affecting Lifting Capacities
  • Capacity Charts
  • Critical Lifts
  • Safety Devices
  • Communications (Voice & Hand Signals)
  • Wire Rope & Rigging
  • Basic Rigging 
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Reducing accidents through inspections


  • Slings
  • Safety Standards
  • Implementing an inspection
  • Required levels of inspection
  • How to inspect structural components, sheaves, blocks, hooks, operating mechanisms, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, hydraulic cylinders, wire rope, operational aids and safety devices
  • Emphasis is placed on the structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and safety/liability areas of inspection
  • Identifying deficiencies & safety hazards
Hands-On Training
This class offers hands-on Tower Crane Simulator Training as an integral part of the program.
*Desktop Simulator for programs other than Orlando or Houston Training Facilities.

Add-On Options 



Option 1 - Inspector Kit*: $150

 Multiple tools for inspection include: tape measure; wire rope card; caliper; magnifier; pocket knife and level. All in soft canvas belly pack.

Option 2 - NACB, Inc. Certified Inspector Certification: $395 

Immediately following the completion of this program, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification. A Certificate of Competency is issued to those who successfully complete all the requirements set forth by NACB, Inc. Please contact us to determine what qualifications your personnel must possess.
** "Plus Package" is only offered before or during the class


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

This course is designed for an experienced individual, upon registering for this course the attendee must fill out an application verifying crane related experience.

Is there certification testing available with this program?


When will the certification testing take place?

Immediately following the completion of this course, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification.

How many people can be in a class?

Class size normally ranges from 6-8 students, it’s best to register early and reserve your seat.

Tower Crane Operator/Inspector

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