Overhead Crane & Rigging Safety

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OCRS 105 | *3.0 CEUs
Designed especially for those personnel who have safety responsibility for and/or use Overhead Cranes. This program offers the attendee the opportunity to receive formal classroom safety instruction on a wide variety of lifting equipment and associated rigging gear.
You will learn:
• The Overhead crane operator’s individual responsibilities for complying with state and Federal OSHA requirements and consensus standards
• Frequent and Periodic Inspections: operating in a smooth, controlled and safe manner
• Functional and operational limitations of cranes
• Being mentally, physically and emotionally fit, and performing a daily machine pre-operational inspection.

Overhead Cranes

Rigging Safety

·   Inspection Documentation

·   Record Keeping Requirements

·   Nomenclature & Selection of Equipment

·   Runway and Rail Inspection Procedures

·   Operational limitations of Equipment

·   Required Pre-Operational Inspection

·   Wire Rope Maintenance

·   Accident Causes and Preventions

·   Correct Use of ASME Hand Signals

·   Handling the Load

·   Sling Terminology & Types

·   Using Sling Capacity (Load) Charts

·   Using Shackles Properly

·   Basic Sling Attachments & Configurations

·   Calculating Sling Stresses

·   How to Determine Load Weight

·   Hook and Wedge Sockets

·   Overview of Wire Rope and End Fittings

·   How to Use Standard Weight Tables

·   Information Contained on Condition Forms

·   How to Properly Perform a Pre-Use Sling Inspection


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Are there any prerequisites for this course?


How many people can be in a class?

Class size ranges from 8-12 students, it’s best to register early and reserve your seat.

Overhead Crane & Rigging Safety

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