Overhead Crane Operational Safety

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OCS 100 | *1.8 CEUs
The overall production capabilities within your manufacturing facilities rely very heavily upon the constant availability of the overhead crane and hoist. The cost associated with unscheduled downtime for this equipment can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – not yearly, not monthly, but daily! Your operators, your mechanics and your supervision, must all be made aware of the importance of maintaining this vital equipment.

    Topics covered include:
    • Compliance with State and Federal OSHA Requirements
    • Inspection Documentation/Record Keeping Requirements
    • Frequent & Periodic Inspection Requirements
    • Nomenclature & Selection of Equipment
    • Runway and Rail Inspection Procedures
    • Operational limitations of Equipmen
    • Required Pre-Operational Inspection
    • Wire Rope Maintenance
    • Accident Causes and Preventions
    • Correct Use of Hand Signals
    • Handling the Load


    Hands-On Training

    This class offers hands-on Overhead Bridge Crane Simulator Training as an integral part of the program. *Desktop Simulator for programs taking place other than Orlando or Houston Training Facilities.



    Overhead Crane Operational Safety

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