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Written Assessment

This program includes 1 1/2-day of instruction and 1/2-day of testing. This course includes detailed information required to prepare you for the NCCER’s Written Assessment & *Practical Examination.
The Signal Person is profi cient in the performance of hand and verbal signals, including the standard methods for hand signals as required by ASME B30.2, ASME B30.3, ASME B30.5, and ASME B30.6. The Signal Person demonstrates a basic knowledge of crane operations and limitations, including crane dynamics involved in the swinging, controlling and stopping of loads, and the boom defl ections from hoisting loads. The Signal Person demonstrates specifi c knowledge of crane operations including voice and radio communications, personal fall protection methods, emergency procedures, and hazards and restrictions with working in proximity to overhead electric lines and equipment.
*Practical Examinations are available beginning the day after the course ends. Please contact a representative to register for practical examination, as there are a limited number of examination spaces. Additional cost apply for NCCER’s practical examination.
Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is there certification testing available with this program?


When will the certification testing take place?

Immediately following the completion of this course, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification.

How many people can be in a class?

Class size normally ranges from 4-6 students, it’s best to register early and reserve your seat.

NCCER Signal Person

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