Mobile Crane, Rigging Safety & Overhead Crane

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MCRSOC 105 | *3.0 CEUs
Designed especially for those personnel who have safety responsibility for and/or use Mobile Cranes and Overhead Cranes. This program offers the attendee the opportunity to receive formal classroom safety instruction on a wide variety of lifting equipment and associated rigging gear.
You will be introduced to Mobile and Overhead crane operator’s individual responsibilities for complying with state and Federal OSHA requirements and consensus standards; Frequent and Periodic Inspections: operating in a smooth, controlled and safe manner; functional and operational limitations of cranes; being mentally, physically and emotionally fi t, and performing a daily machine pre-operational inspection.


Additional Topics Include:

Mobile Cranes

Rigging Safety

Overhead Cranes

·   Proper Machine Set-up

·   Operator Responsibilities

·   Load Chart Interpretations

·   Recognizing Site Hazards

·   Record Keeping Requirements

·   Structural Limitations

·   The Use of Personnel Baskets

·   Crane Types & Configurations

·   Applicable Terminology

·   Accidents – Causes & Preventions

·   Correct ASME Hand Signals

·   Stability Limitations

·   Outriggers Configurations

·   Sling Terminology & Types

·   Using Sling Capacity (Load) Charts

·   Using Shackles Properly

·   Basic Sling Attachments & Configurations

·   Calculating Sling Stresses

·   How to Determine Load Weight

·   Hook and Wedge Sockets

·   Overview of Wire Rope and End Fittings

·   How to Use Standard Weight Tables

·   Information Contained on Condition Forms

·   How to Properly Perform a Pre-Use Sling Inspection


·   Inspection Documentation

·   Record Keeping Requirements

·   Nomenclature & Selection of Equipment

·   Runway and Rail Inspection Procedures

·   Operational limitations of Equipment

·   Required Pre-Operational Inspection

·   Wire Rope Maintenance

·   Accident Causes and Preventions

·   Correct Use of ASME Hand Signals

·   Handling the Load





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Class size ranges from 8-12 students, it’s best to register early and reserve your seat.

Mobile Crane, Rigging Safety & Overhead Crane

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