Mobile Crane Operator FASTRACK

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MCFT 100 | 12.0 CEUs

Do you need Mobile Crane Operators? You can be on the FASTRACK to becoming a professional crane operator with this concentrated study. Four weeks of intensive study Monday through Friday includes classroom, simulation, and hands-on training on actual cranes. This course is designed to help fill the need for properly trained and qualified mobile crane operators.

This course is for you whether you are a visual, auditory, or tactile learner regardless of your experience level. This course provides you with the information you need for any written certification or state licensing requirement. At the end of the course, Nationally Accredited NCCER Certification testing will be available on certain crane* types.
This training is offered at the NACB Training Facilities in both Houston, TX and Orlando, FL.
During this study the student will learn:
  • Orientation to the Trade
  • Basic Principles of Cranes
  • Rigging Practices
  • Crane Safety
  • Operating a Crane
  • Communication
  • Load Charts
  • Advanced Operational Techniques
  • Lift Planning
  • Lattice Boom Assembly and Disassembly
  • Machine Power Flow
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Wire Rope
  • Computer Aids / Operator Aids
  • Load Dynamics
  • On-Site Equipment Movement
  • Telescopic Boom Extension and Jib Erection Storage
  • An Understanding of Reactions Required for Emergency Procedures
  • Hoisting Personnel
  • Transporting Requirements
NCCER Assessment

NCEER Assesment available for:

  • Industrial/All Purpose Crane
  • Telescopic Boom/Rough Terrain/All Terrain Crane Single Control Station, Rotating Controls
Program Outline

The pace of this program is fast. Each evening participants will be assigned additional materials to review. Each section will have review questions. Each assignment is reviewed the following morning. Generally after the instructor’s cover each section, the participants are assigned written examinations. Practical Evaluations for each section (not all sections have practical evaluations) must be accomplished by each participant individually.

WEEK ONE 60% Classroom, 20% Lab** and 20% hands-on***
WEEK TWO 50% Classroom, 20% Lab** and 30% hands-on***
WEEK THREE 50% Classroom, 10% Lab** and 40% hands-on***
WEEK FOUR 20% Classroom, 5% Lab** and 75% hands-on***

These are suggested percentages, and may be adjusted based on weather, class size, equipment availability, etc.*Mobile Cranes may vary from location to location. **Several Labs are included in the classroom portions of subjects requiring them. *** Field trips, when available are included in the hands-on time.

NOTE: Students must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, appropriate footwear, etc. for Hands-On Training.

Hands-On Training
This class also offers hands-on Mobile Telescopic Boom Crane Simulator Training as an integral part of the program.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much experience is needed to take this course?

This course does not require any experience with mobile cranes and is meant for beginners.

Do you train on real cranes?

There is four weeks of intensive study Monday through Friday which includes classroom, simulation, and hands-on training on actual cranes.

What type of certifications are offered at the end of this course?

At the end of the course, Nationally Accredited Certification (NCCER) testing will be available on certain crane types.

Mobile Crane Operator FASTRACK

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