Mobile Crane Operator

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MCO 102 | * 3.0 CEUs

This five day program covers the role and the responsibilities of the mobile crane operator. This seminar will get down to the basics of safe craning, covering various important topics such as proper machine set up, reading and understanding capacity charts, stability vs. structural competency, below the hook crane attachments, the importance of knowing the quadrant of operation, side loading, shock loading - all play a critical part in executing a safe lift. This program includes more detailed information required to successfully complete the written testing requirements for certifi cation as a mobile crane operator.

You will learn about:
  • Operator Requirements According to Federal Regulations and Consensus Standards
  • Site Access and Usability
  • Suitability and Quality of Supporting Surface
  • Proper Use of Mats, Outriggers or Crawlers
  • Hand Signals
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Types of Cranes
  • Verifying the Weight of the Load
  • Basic Load Chart Interpretation & Solving Capacity Problems
  • Basic Load Rigging Procedures
  • Understanding Two-Blocking, Power Lines
  • Accidents and Causes
  • Proper Communication Between Work Crew
  • Load Control and Use of Tag Lines
  • Transporting the Crane and its Components
  • Operating in Various Weather Conditions
  • Operator Aids
  • Shutdown
  • Information Documented on Operator’s Checklist



Hands-On Training
This class offers hands-on Mobile Telescopic Boom Crane Simulator Training as an integral part of the program.
*Simulation time only available in the Orlando, FL and Houston, TX Training Facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

No. This course is designed for personnel associated with mobile crane operations – supervisors, maintenance personnel, inspectors, and operators.

Is there hands-on training on mobile cranes?

No, however this course offers crane simulation training as an integral part of the program.

What is the class size for this program?

Maximum of 10 students per class.

Mobile Crane Operator

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