Lift Truck Operator Train The Trainer

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LTTT 101 | 1.8 CEUs

Lift trucks, more commonly referred to as forklifts, are the backbone of the lift industry. Almost everyone in industry, at one time or another has been behind the controls of a lift truck. Unfortunately, the great majority of those personnel operating lift trucks have had little or no formal training on the safe operation of this equipment.

This 3-day program has been developed to provide personnel with the proper training techniques needed to become competent in-house trainers. All attendees will be assigned the task of specific research, development, and the presentation of materials during this course.



Add-On Options 



Option 1 - Trainer Package*: $1,995

  • Program Specific PowerPoint Presentations
  • Includes DVD, "Lift Truck"
  • Daily Suggested Lesson Plan (pdf)
  • Hands-On Student Exercises (pdf)
  • Sample Pre-Test & Sample Post-Test (pdf)
  • Instructor Guide (pdf)
  • Student Training Manual (pdf)
  • 5 Printed Student Training Manuals


Option 2 - NACB, Inc. Certified Trainer Certification: $395 

Immediately following the completion of this program, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification. A Certificate of Competency is issued to those who successfully complete all the requirements set forth by NACB, Inc. Please contact us to determine what qualifications your personnel must possess.
* If Trainer Package is purchased prior to or at time of class, the price is $1295

** "Plus Package" is only offered before or during the class









An instructor manual can be printed for an addtional $125

Note: You must attend our Train the Trainer course to be able to purchase this package. 


Lift Truck Operator Train The Trainer

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