Advanced Rigging Inspector

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ARI 101 | 2.4 CEUs

To become a qualified in-house Rigging Inspector, an individual will need to develop an advanced skill set and this course is designed to do just that. Our training personnel  have helped many individuals develop these Advanced Rigging Inspection skills over the past 30 years. Many organization’s across a broad spectrum of industries consider the NACB Advanced Rigger Inspection Course the highest quality program of its type. Each participant will be required to perform hands-on inspections of both damaged and used rigging gear, based on the appropriate OSHA, ASME and other applicable standards and regulations concerning removal criteria.
Each Participant must pass both a written (with a minimum score of 85%) and practical performance examination to successfully complete the Advanced Rigging Inspector Course.
In this classroom and hands-on activity, you will learn:
• Sling Terminology & Types
• Using Sling Capacity (Load) Charts
• Using Shackles Properly
• Basic Sling Attachments & Confi gurations
• Calculating Sling Stresses
• How to Determine Load Weight
• How to Apply Current Federal Standards to Your Operation
• How to Use Standard Weight Tables
• Information Contained on Condition Forms
• How to Inspect as well as the removal Criteria for :
• Wire Rope & Wire Rope Slings
• Alloy Chain Slings
• Metal Mesh Slings
• Synthetic Web Slings
• Synthetic Round Slings
• Rigging Hardware
• Hooks and Wedge Sockets
• Below-the-Hook-Lifting Devices


NOTE: Students must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, appropriate footwear, etc.

Add-On Options 


Option 1 - Inspector Kit*: $150

 Multiple tools for inspection include: tape measure; wire rope card; caliper; magnifier; pocket knife and level. All in soft canvas belly pack.

Option 2 - NACB, Inc. Certified Inspector Certification: $395 

Immediately following the completion of this program, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification. A Certificate of Competency is issued to those who successfully complete all the requirements set forth by NACB, Inc. Please contact us to determine what qualifications your personnel must possess.
** "Plus Package" is only offered before or during the class


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

This course is designed for an experienced individual, upon registering for this course the attendee must fill out an application verifying crane related experience.

Is there certification testing available with this program?


When will the certification testing take place?

Immediately following the completion of this course, a block of time has been reserved for administration of written testing for Certification.

How many people can be in a class?

Class size normally ranges from 6-8 students, it’s best to register early and reserve your seat.